Dear OpenForis support team,

My survey crashes several times in OpenForis Collect (desktop) although I do not have issues with the same survey before. The following error appears:

java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "false"
at sun.misc.FloatingDecimal.readJavaFormatString(
at sun.misc.FloatingDecimal.parseDouble(
at java.lang.Double.parseDouble(
at org.openforis.idm.metamodel.NumberAttributeDefinition.createValue(
at org.openforis.idm.metamodel.NumberAttributeDefinition.createValue(
at org.openforis.idm.metamodel.NumberAttributeDefinition.createValue(
at org.openforis.idm.model.expression.ExpressionEvaluator.evaluateAttributeValue(
at org.openforis.idm.metamodel.AttributeDefault.evaluateExpression(
at org.openforis.idm.metamodel.AttributeDefault.evaluate(
at org.openforis.collect.model.RecordUpdater.recalculateValue(
at org.openforis.collect.model.RecordUpdater.recalculateValues(
at org.openforis.collect.model.RecordUpdater.recalculateDependentCalculatedAttributes(
at org.openforis.collect.model.RecordUpdater.afterAttributeInsertOrUpdate(
at org.openforis.collect.model.RecordUpdater.afterAttributeUpdate(
at org.openforis.collect.model.RecordUpdater.updateAttribute(
at org.openforis.collect.command.handler.UpdateAttributeCommandHandler.executeForResult(
at org.openforis.collect.command.handler.UpdateAttributeCommandHandler.executeForResult(
at org.openforis.collect.command.handler.RecordCommandHandler$1$1.execute(
at org.openforis.concurrency.Job.runTask(
at org.openforis.concurrency.Job.execute(
at org.openforis.concurrency.SimpleJobManager$
at org.springframework.core.task.SimpleAsyncTaskExecutor$

I hope very much you can help me to fix this problem. Cheers, Roksolana

asked 05 Aug, 16:11

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Dear Roksolana,
Please try to check if you have defined a default value with a value "false" for a numeric value in your survey.
We will contact you to your private email to help you solving this issue.
Many thanks,
Open Foris Team

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answered 26 Aug, 09:52

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