Dear Open Foris Team,

I wanted to express my gratitude for the impressive updates you've made to 'Open Foris Arena mobile'. Currently, I am using version (86) on my Android device. The newly added features have truly enhanced the application. A particularly noteworthy feature is the ability to adjust text size for user convenience. Moreover, the option to resize pictures to conserve space and internet resources is highly commendable. The incorporation of collapsible features further amplifies the app's appeal.

Among the updates, the one that stands out the most to me is the validation feature. Its inclusion enables users to easily identify erroneous inputs, significantly enriching the user experience. I am presently in the process of testing this application, ensuring that it is up to date and functions seamlessly. In this regard, I have a suggestion to make:

I have implemented the following script in my survey, which functions correctly on desktop but encounters issues on mobile devices. I kindly request an update to address this matter. I have a survey named inventory9 The example script is situated in the attribute treegscountperha within the forestblock entity. Regrettably, the script fails to work as intended in this context. Here is the script for your reference:

'The summary of trees in " + blockname + ": Tree Count per hectare = " + String(treegscountperha) + ", Net volume cubic meter per hectare = " + String(gstreenetvolume3ha) + ", Firewood Chatta per hectare = " + String(gstreefrwdchattaha)

It's worth noting that this script functions flawlessly in the arena desktop version. On a related note, I've encountered another issue where complete labels do not display correctly. For instance, "fores" appears instead of "forest", irrespective of the chosen language or adjustments made to text size. This issue persists even when text size is minimized. I kindly urge you to investigate and address these two problems.

I am diligently continuing my testing efforts and will not hesitate to seek your assistance should any further challenges arise. Thank you immensely for your continuous support. Thanks, in advance.

Best regards, Rajkumar Rimal

asked 30 Aug '23, 17:56

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Now, It is working with the latest version. Thanks.

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answered 31 Aug '23, 09:17

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