Hello OpenForis team,

I am new to using Open Foris tools and I have a question that may be very basic. We want to use Open Foris Arena and Open Foris Arena Mobile to collect inventory data where the same plots are inventoried multiple times. For this we use the cycles in Open Foris Arena and the option to clone the data from one cycle to another. But the question is, can we load records from the second cycle of Open Foris Arena into Open Foris Arena Mobile, to be able to update the data in the field? Or what would be the same, how can you upload records from Open Foris Arena to Open Foris Arena Mobile?

Thank you!!

asked 01 Mar, 20:43

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Dear Oscar,
We have started already to work on importing records into Arena Mobile; the idea was to give the possibility to select some records to import from the previous cycle and (optionally) show the "previous" values while the user is inserting new data.
We will be in touch with you, so if you want you can provide your feedback on this feature.
Many thanks,
Open Foris Team

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answered 15 Mar, 09:23

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Dear OpenForis Team,

Thank you for already working on this feature! I had a related question in mind. Will it also be possible to download the current cycle? To give an example:

We want to create a survey to manage the location and deployment of devices (e.g. camera traps).

The survey has 3 hierarchical layers:

  1. We select the project (key) and area (key) - upper hierarchical level.
  2. When setting up the device for the first time, we will enter the location id (key) position and habitat features - mid hierarchical level
  3. When deploying the device we will enter the start date (key) and some additional characterisitics of the deployments.
  4. After some weeks, we will change batteries and memory cards and enter the end date of the deployment (key). The information for one deployment is now complete.
  5. If the device remains at the same location, we will start a new deployment (repeat steps 3 and 4)

Will it be possible to do import information of the current deployment + information of the upper and mid hierarchical level from Arena to Arena Mobile? Currently, we would need to use the same device.

Best wishes & many thanks

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answered 20 Mar, 15:27

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Dear user,
We will contact you to your private email address to better understand your requirements.
Many thanks,
Open Foris Team

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answered 02 Apr, 09:49

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