Dear Open Foris team, In my "ecoresto_test" survey, I have the attribute "detail" that is visible only after another attribute ("record_type") has been evaluated. The default value for the attribuet "detail" is determined by the value entered in the attribute defining "detail"'s visibility. For example, if "record_type" = "Pot" then default value for "detail" is "3". Then I have a validation rule on the attribute "detail" because, besides the proposed default, the user can only pick certain options for that attribute, within a given type of record_type selected. The problem is that even though the user has simply followed the default for "details", and therefore it is correct by definition (it cannot be wrong), Arena reports the record as an error. It seems Arena evaluates the error (validation rule) just after the attribute "detail" becomes relevant but before its default value get created, and therefore it reports it as an error. Can you assist with this issue? Best wishes, Bruno

asked 31 Aug '23, 05:39

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Dear Bruno,
Sure, it's evidently a bug in the validation of the attribute after the default value has been applied; we will fix it and let you know when a new version of Arena will be ready.
Many thanks,
Open Foris Team

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answered 31 Aug '23, 13:50

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Dear Bruno,
After having looked deeply into this issue, it does not depend on a bug in the system but it depends on the way the expression for the validation rule is defined; since "detail" in your case is a code attribute, its values have to be considered as strings, even if the category item codes look like numbers. So in your case the expressions should be defined like this:

detail == '2' || detail == '3'

Let us know if you need further assistance from our side, many thanks,
Open Foris Team

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answered 31 Aug '23, 22:44

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