I would like to setup my survey form so that field teams can be operating two mobile devices on the same cluster NFI plot. They would be entering in data for different subplots during the same day. Ideally when they submit the data it would only load in a way that won't duplicate records. I have used the template for the biophysical survey B and tailored it to meet our needs, but I have not figured out a way to clone the parent form which I think would allow this to work. Can someone help me figure out how to do this or maybe someone has a recommendation of a better way to set this up?

asked 21 Nov '23, 00:04

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Another solution is to use different surveys in parallel, so that each team (per subplot) has got their own survey. If there are 3 subplots, the Team A can use the original (master) survey (Survey1), Team B and C can use cloned surveys (Survey2 and Survey3), where you have removed all cluster-level attributes excluding the key attributes (because you will not need to repeat recording same data three times).

Then afterwards, you can export CSV data from Survey2 and Survey3, and import 'subplot', 'tree', etc. data into the master survey. There is minor work in editing CSVs, for example in case of taxonomic attributes, you need to remove "species_scientific_name" columns because CSV input data can only contain species codes, not names.

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answered 22 Nov '23, 08:21

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At the moment the only way do carry out assessments in the same cluster (="record") is to add another key attribute at the cluster level, such as "enumerator" or "team", so that there will be no conflicts between the data to be uploaded from Mobile.

The practical difficulty comes if you plan to use the R processing chain: the first thing to do is to merge those plots. So an in-build method to combine the records in Arena would be handy. We start think how to do this.

We are working on this issue and plan to implement a method to allow updating data of an existing record.

regards, Lauri

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answered 21 Nov '23, 11:30

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