Hi support, in my Collect database I have some boolean fields (e.g. whether a sample point belongs to a certain special management or not). These boolean fields don't show up in Saiku, but I need them as filters. How to get them there? Do I need to define a category for that? A small example code would help me a lot.

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asked 05 Jun '15, 07:29

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Hi. In Calc, I got (computed) boolean variable to Saiku, works quite similarly with boolean fields:

1) create category:
0='no', 1='yes'

2) R script: tree$tree_is_alive <- ifelse( tree$tree_health ==5, 0, 1 )

Regards, Lauri

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answered 15 Jun '15, 12:07

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Hi Lutz,

Thanks Lauri for your answer and for posting some sample code!

Boolean fields are not supported by Calc, you should instead use a category with two possible values (Yes/No) when you collect your data, or as Lauri suggested, you can create a new calculation step type category in Calc.

Please let us know if you need more info.



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answered 18 Jun '15, 12:33

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Mino Togna ♦♦
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Hi Lauri and Mino,

thanks you for the example, it helped me a lot. Seems to work fine! Lutz

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answered 18 Jun '15, 14:16

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