I have a strange problem when opening Collect Earth. It seems to work well and I get no exceptions. Google Earth opens but the plots are not shown.

Plots not shown

Collect Earth was working well a couple of days ago when I was working from the field, it has been since I came to the office that I had this problem. I have not updated Collect Earth or worked with it since I came back to the office.

Other than that it seems fine. If I look at the logs in Help->Open Application Log file I don't see any strange messages being logged in the last minutes. Also, checking the CSV with the sampling data in Tools->Properties (Sample data) tab looks fine. My sampling design is there!

Another thing that doesn't work: If I export the data collected already in Collect Earth to CSV or Fusion table it works fine. BUT the Saiku Analysis does not work! When I click on the Tools->Start Saiku Analysis the Saiku "black window" opens up and a lot of messages are shown, but the browser window that is opened shows this message and I cannot do anything:

alt text

I wonder if Collect Earth is being blocked by the antivirus or something similar!

Thank you for the help!

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It looks like the Saiku and Google Earth problems are related!

The problem seems to be the anitivirus in your network. As it is shown the Sophos network antivirus is blocking access to the Saiku URL ( ). This means that when you were connected outside your network Collect Earth was working fine as traffic was not being blocked, but now that you have plugged the computer back to the network the Network Firewall of your company is monitoring the traffic.

The simplest way to fix this problem is by disconnecting your computer from your network (LAN or WAN) so that the requests to Saiku don't pass though the network firewall. The best fix though would be to ask your network administrator to include a rule so that traffic to Saiku and Collect Earth port (8181 and 8028) is allowed within the network.




In order to load the KML file with the plots in Google Earth a KML file with a network link is used. This KML called (loadApp.kml can be found in the generated folder in the Collect Earth data folder) has a reference to a KMZ file that is served by Collect Earth Jetty server. The format looks like this:

The reason to load this KMZ file as a network link using a URL address instead of the file-path in the computer is beacuase otherwise Google Earth will not allow to use the second network link that is used for updating the icons of the status of the plots ( )

So what happens is the the first KML file is loaded fine as this is just a file in your computer so the firewall does not block it, but the network link with the KMZ that actually contains the plots of your assessment is blocked by the Sophos network firewall.

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It is all working now, I disconnected the ethernet cable from the computer and using just another WiFi network.

I will try to have the IT guys unblock the traffic to the 8181 and 8028 ports!

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