Dear Support members, I face a problem creating a new project in Collect Earth ( I delimit the project AOI, leave other options at default and load a CSV file of 86 gridded plots at 500 m distance, which I created previously using Google Earth Engine App Collect Earth Grid Generator ( I set square-shaped plots of 20 m and a sample distance of 5 m and define a test question with three answers. When I try to create the project, I get the error message "Error creating project. SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data". Any idea what may be wrong?

asked 05 Sep '20, 21:24

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Hi AndrasD,

Unfortunately, that error message doesn't provide enough information to determine what went wrong with your project creation. It may be that the file you downloaded from the Google Earth Engine App Collect Earth Grid Generator isn't compatible with CEO's plot CSV format. You'll need to make sure that your CSV contains PLOTID, LONGITUDE, and LATITUDE columns with valid values for all rows. You could also simply use CEO's project creation wizard to specify the AOI, number and spacing of plots, number and spacing of samples, and survey questions directly.

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answered 29 Jun '21, 17:32

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Yes! The only thing I will add is you do not need to specify the project AOI if you are providing a .csv file. But I believe @gjohnson's comment is correct. Double check the file you downloaded.

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answered 29 Jun '21, 19:43

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