Is there any way to draw polygon in open foris collect mobile while collecting other attributes field data for a certain point/location?

asked 06 Jun, 17:57

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Hello, Although not yet fully operational, you can prepare Cmobile to register polygon points: they con be recorded and are visible in the map; only not connected with lines - sea earlier discussion on this:

Regards, Joseph

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answered 02 Sep, 14:12

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I have already followed the discussion you shared. The points (coordinates) are visible in the map, but let say for a certain area besides other information I need to draw a polygon which will be visible in the map. There is a way to draw polygon using geometry option. I tried but the polygon (Connected with line) is not visible in the map. I am looking for a way to draw polygon directly using Open Foris, like we can draw polygon suing GPS.

Thanks, Falgoonee

(07 Sep, 07:53) falgoonee_fo... falgoonee_forester's gravatar image

Check it out once more Falgonee: the OF team has worked on it and we can see the polygons now. Also the map app zooms in on the survey(s) area again!

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answered 2 days ago

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Yes I checked it, it worked. Thanks to the team, great work

(yesterday) falgoonee_fo... falgoonee_forester's gravatar image
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