I have a small amount of data (10 plots over 2 clusters within a single region) that I would like to use for prototyping and testing. I have cleaned the data in OF Collect and promoted to ready for analysis. I can import the data into my OF Calc workspace with no errors and I can then view the data in OF Calc and all appears as expected. I sourced calc.R from R studio and then published to the Saiku repository using the arrow button. The 'Running' window opened and everything seemed to have executed successfully. When I login to Saiku and then press refresh I can see my cubes as expected but when I add levels and measures to the columns and rows I see 'No data' in the results pane.

Could this be because I have so few plots or have I overlooked something else?

Thanks for your help.

Regards, Jonathan

asked 27 Sep '21, 19:48

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Dear Jonathan,

Probably the reason is that there are only NAs in some column in the result tables. Have you checked in RStudio, after running all result variables, that new variables have got meaningful values? Also check that entities in R have got $plot_area, e.g. check 'tree$plot_area'.

If this is not the reason, then there can be something wrong in the Sampling Design settings. In that case, we can be privately in contact with you.

regards OF Team

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answered 28 Sep '21, 07:51

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LauriV ♦♦
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Hi Lauri,

Thanks for your fast response which has allowed me to solve my problem.

I confirmed that the results variables in the R environment had meaningful results and that the plot_area entities were populated.

After reading your comments on the sampling design settings I made some checks and found an error in the AOI file that I was using. Once I corrected this then the data appeared in Saiku as expected.

Thanks again.

Best regards,


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answered 28 Sep '21, 11:59

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