If I want to remove the SQLite file where the Collect data is located, how can I find it?

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When using Collect Earth with the SQLite Operation mode active ( one can use PostgreSQL for multi-user connection or SQLite for single user access ) the database file (called collectEarthDatabase.db ) are located in the folder :

Windows : C:\Users\USER_NAME\AppData\Roaming\CollectEarth

AppData is a hidden folder. If you cannot see it then you need to activate the hidden files visualization. See here how to show hidden files !

Linux : ~/CollectEarth

Mac OS X : ~/Library/Application Support/Collect Earth ( tip , to get to this folder : Open Finder, Click Apple Key + Shift + G, you get a dialog, type ~ in the text field and click Ok (this will take you to your User’s home folder) Then browse to Library->Application Support->Collect Earth )

The structure within this folder is :

  • backupSqlite folder ( each time Collect Earth ends a backup file of the database is stored here, only the 10 last files are stored )
  • generated folder ( where the files that are automatically generated by Collect Earth reside. This would include the KML and KMZ files that are generated when the Collect Earth properties are changed )
  • projects folder. This folder holds a copy of the extracted contents of each of the projects that have been imported into Collect Earth.
  • webapps folder.
  • collectEarthDatabase.db (if the SQLite option is enabled). This file contains all of the data that has been collected within Collect Earth in this computer ( for all the projects that the user has worked on )
  • collectEarthDatabase.dbSaiku (if the SQLite option is enabled ) This is the database file that is generated before the Saiku analysis can run. If the contents of the Collect Earth database change this database should be refreshed.
  • earth.properties file where all the possible properties to set Collect Earth are stored.
  • earth_error.log the log file where the error messages generated by Collect Earth are stored.
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