good day sir, is there a way i can import and export automatically those survey linked on my ODK server?

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Collect Mobile has no integration with ODK. Did you mean the surveys on your Collect server?


We strongly discourage surveys being imported into devices by the field crews themselves. This should rather be managed centrally, if possible. This decreases the risk of wrong survey versions being used and/or data being lost.

That being said, while we don’t have a way to import surveys directly from a Collect Server, there are other convenient ways to get surveys to a device. Surveys can for instance be uploaded to Google Drive or Dropbox, and imported directly from there, or be distributed over email.


We don’t have a way to directly export data to a Collect Server, but are discussing our options in implementing this. Currently, the data must be exported from Collect Mobile and manually imported into Collect Server. There are a number of options on how to transfer the exported data for importing it into Collect Server.

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answered 21 Sep '16, 10:33

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yes sir. i have an existing ODK server that is up on cloud , i just want to send and retrieve those form/survey through the OF mobile app send to my server . . thanks for the answer

(21 Sep '16, 11:03) 009topersky 009topersky's gravatar image
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