Dear all, When one has a Collect survey including a field to record geographic coordinates, collectmobile will get the latitude and longitude from the device (my android phone) and it store these two data in two fields (latitude and longitude), which I see when I export the data. Although the 'accuracy' is visible when recording coordinates on my phone, this data is not not stored. Elevation is not stored either (although this is less of a trouble since we generally can recover the altitude using GIS and DEM: Digital Elevation Models).

Is there a way to actually record the accuracy given by the GPS of my phone and if possible also the elevation? If Open Foris Collect does not offer these options, that would be really nice to add them. The device I am using is a Cat S40 and a Trimble TDC100; both provide good data on accuracy and elevation. Thanks a lot for any help. Bruno

asked 11 Jan '19, 11:15

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Dear user,
We already planned to add this information to the coordinate attribute, it will be added soon and there will be a flag in the Survey Designer to enable them.
We will let you know.
Many thanks, Open Foris Team

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answered 21 Jan '19, 00:52

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Dear Open Foris team, I would very much appreciate to have your feedback on this request I posted one year ago. When would you be able to include this capability in Open Foris Collect Mobile? I do need the altitude for each of my records, which I then need to recover using Geographic Information Systems and Digital Elevation Model (so not straightforward at all). Thanking you in advance. Bruno

(28 Jan '20, 05:07) bsenterre bsenterre's gravatar image

Dear Bruno,
This feature will be added very soon in version 1.7.6 of Collect Mobile.
Many thanks,
Open Foris Team

(28 Jan '20, 22:23) OF Collect ♦♦ OF%20Collect's gravatar image

Done in 3.26: see change log in Control Panel / About. Thanks for this and introducing the link to the change log, Joseph

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answered 07 Mar '20, 07:27

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