Hi OF Support Team In my survey there are plots and sample trees. For the sample trees there are existing informations (for example azimuth). New features are added to each tree. Is there a possibility in collect mobile to display a list of existing trees per plot? This allows me to check for which trees I have already recorded features.

Thanks and regards

asked 23 Jan '20, 13:51

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Hi Sabrina,

If I understood correct you question, you have to use "entry table" button (see picture). here is "collect mobile manual" link.


best regards beka

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answered 23 Jan '20, 17:14

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Hi Beka

Thanks for your input. I meant something different. The survey contains samplingpointdata with informations about trees in a plot. Is there a possibility to display this data as a list before I start to add new features to the trees?

Many thanks

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answered 28 Jan '20, 08:57

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Hi Sabrina,

I believe I have a use case that is similar to yours and am curious if you found a solution. I want to be able to revisit plots and view/edit tree information that was collect during the previous survey. I would like the tree list to populate based on the user input for Plot ID. Does that sound similar to your objective? Thank you!


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answered 03 Jan, 21:26

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