Dear OF Team
In my survey there is a file attribute, so that a photo of the plot can be taken. When I look at the collected data with Collect Desktop, I see the photo. When I export the data, only csv files are generated. Where is the photo stored? Do I have to download each photo individually?
Many thanks and stay healthy,

asked 26 Mar '20, 14:58

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Hi Joseph,
The photos are stored in c:\Users\YOUR_USER\OpenForis\Collect\data\collect_upload or ~/OpenForis/Collect/data/collect_upload if you are using Linux or MacOS.
They are grouped by survey (one folder named with the id of the survey for each survey) and by attribute (one folder with the id of the attribute for every file attribute in the survey).
In this way you can have all the pictures taken for all the "plots" in your survey inside a single folder. If you want to match the file name with other information, you can export the data to csv or Excel; there will be a column with the file name.
The name of the uploaded file is not the original one, but it's automatically generated by Collect to make it unique.
I hope it's a bit more clear now, many thanks.
Open Foris Team

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answered 07 Apr '20, 15:30

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Dear Sabrina,
When you export the data to CSV/Excel format, the photos cannot be included in the generated files, but if you export the data in Collect format (.collect-data extension) the photos will be included in the exported file and you can import that file into another installation of Collect, if you need.
Many thanks,
Open Foris Team

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answered 27 Mar '20, 00:47

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The question still remains to where or how the photos are stored after loading into OFCollect; do they need to be part of each backup, that would involve series of considerable (redundant) data storage. It would be nice of the photos can be downloaded (also for other use) leaving only a link in the record. Joseph

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answered 02 Apr '20, 12:39

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