Hi OF Team
In my survey the status of the tree is assessed. It is distinguished whether it is alive or dead. Depending on the status, other attributes appear afterwards. These are defined by a "relevant" expression. For example, if a tree is dead, the degree of decomposition is determined. With a living tree, this attribute does not have to be filled in. If a tree status is entered incorrectly and is corrected, the dependent fields do not disappear.
Here is an example: If the tree status is changed from dead to alive, the "length deadwood" field does not disappear.
So that no error message appears, the complete entry for the respective tree must be deleted. This will cause the information already entered, such as the azimuth, to be lost.

asked 08 Apr '20, 11:26

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Dear Sabrina,
We will investigate this issue.
Can it be that an attribute is filled when it's relevant? When the status changes to not-relevant, Collect does not automatically remove the inserted values; can you try to delete the values inserted in that attributes?
Many thanks,
Open Foris Team

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answered 14 Apr '20, 00:03

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Hi OF Team

Yes, that's the problem. I can delete the entered value, but the field does not disappear. If it is a "required" field, the error message remains if I leave the field empty.
Thanks for looking into this problem,

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answered 17 Apr '20, 10:37

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