Hi there, I just found that if you use "navigate to location" in the mobile App, it crashes sometimes. It seems that a minimum accuracy of the position is required, which is not available shortly after starting the GPS. If you "start GPS" and wait long enough, it works, but if you are too fast, it crashes. It usually works after some restarts of the app.

Would it be possible to gray out "navigate to location" in the same way as "shaow on map" until a valid coordinate is available?

asked 22 Apr '20, 12:24

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Dear Lutz,
The problem has been solved with version 1.7.6 [build 178] of Collect Mobile, released today.
The app was crashing whenever you were trying to tap on Navigate to location and the coordinate value was empty (it should not happen if you first take the coordinate).
We cannot keep the gps antenna looking for the signal, there would be too much batter consumption, but we will think about a faster way to get the location.
Many thanks,
Open Foris Team

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answered 23 Apr '20, 15:09

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OF Collect ♦♦
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Hey guys,

This issue still persists with 1.7.6 [build 178]. Coordinates filled in tapping on NAVIGATE TO... makes CM to crash. I am just testing a survey form several 100 kms from the actual location. Could this be the issue?

(11 May '20, 15:36) Andras Andras's gravatar image

Dear András,
The problem can be related to your survey. We will contact you to your private email to better understand this issue.
Many thanks,
Open Foris Team

(12 May '20, 01:50) OF Collect ♦♦ OF%20Collect's gravatar image

Thanks for the quick response. I had an error in the expression for obtaining the position of the destination. After fixing the expression navigation works. Thanks Stefano :)

(12 May '20, 15:03) Andras Andras's gravatar image
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