Dear all, I'd like to ask you about collect field form. I have two datasets for field inventory using two different collect form. The attributes in two collect forms are similar, but the measurement unit is totally different and I want to integrate these two collect forms into one single form. But I have a limited knowledge on this and I don't know how to integrate these two forms. So, I'd like to request you to provide the comments and suggestions on this problem. thanks and regards, Khine

asked 07 Oct '20, 09:57

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khine zaw
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Dear Khine,
What do you need to do exactly? Combine even the data collected with the 2 surveys?
In this case you can follow these steps:

  • "clone" one of the surveys (go to Survey Designer / List of surveys, select the most complete one, then click on Advanced Functions / Clone.
  • modify the survey to be somehow compatible with both the surveys (add attributes that are in the other survey for example)
  • export the data to CSV from both the surveys
  • combine the data into new CSV files that will be compatible with the new survey; every entity will be exported in a separate CSV file; modify it by changing the name of the columns or adding new ones, modifying the values in the columns, etc.)
  • import the new modified CSV files into the new survey

Let us know if you need further assistance.
Many thanks,
Open Foris Team

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answered 07 Oct '20, 12:40

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OF Collect ♦♦
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Dear OF Team, Thank you for your response and guidance. I can solve it now and I really appreciated for your guidance. thanks and regards, Khine

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answered 08 Oct '20, 10:12

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khine zaw
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