I'm using a tablet for collecting data, actually the iternal memory storage is full and I'm unable to add more data or backup or export since all these options avalaible in the app need to use the internal memory. What can be a solution for this issue? And is there a way to change the default database directory from the internal memory to an external sd card.

asked 21 Mar '21, 19:24

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Dear user,
Please try to use the latest version of Collect Mobile (1.7.8 build 189) and let us know!
Many thanks,
Open Foris Team

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answered 02 Apr '21, 09:51

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Dear Open Foris Team The latest update is working great I was enable to change the directory from internal storage to an external storage and then I've copied all the content of the data folder inside the destination folder (my new directory) and everything is working fine. I'm working with a samsung galaxy tab s3, android verion: 9

Many Thanks.

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Dear user,
In Collect Mobile, if you tap the Export item in the top right menu, you should be able to select in the dialog that appears "Only current record": in this way only the current edited record should be exported (the size of the generated file will be smaller and you should be able to download/share that file).
alt text
Once the .collect-data file has been downloaded and stored in a safe place, you can delete the corresponding record in Collect Mobile.
If this solution doesn't work, you can change the Working directory from the settings.

  • go to the Settings item in the top right menu;
  • take note of the current working directory;
  • copy the content of that folder in a safe place (into an external hard drive, a remote location, etc.);
  • copy the content of that folder even inside the destination folder where you want to move the Collect Mobile working directory;
  • change the value of the working directory to the new location;

Collect Mobile should now work using the new working directory.
Let us know, many thanks.
Open Foris Team

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answered 23 Mar '21, 23:34

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Hello, Actually when I go to setting - working directory and try to change it, the only directory where the app enable us to use is the internal memory storage so I can't choose the sd card as a new working directory.

Ps: Steps done: collect setting --> select working directory --> use the up arrow to change the destination

Thank you for your help on this matter.


(26 Mar '21, 09:18) Edwarda Edwarda's gravatar image

Dear user,
What version of Android are you using and what is the brand and model number of your device?
We will improve the directory selector in the next version of Collect Mobile.
Many thanks,
Open Foris Team

(29 Mar '21, 23:02) OF Collect ♦♦ OF%20Collect's gravatar image
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