Is there a way to create a standalone Saiku tool without going through CE? I would like to run Saiku using a DB from CEO. I created a Collect Survey, adjusted and imported the DB into CE. But instead of running CE everytime and then start Saiku I would like to have a Saiku tool directly to run my DB. Many thanks, Chiara

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As of version 1.14.17 ( from 16/9/22 ) there is an option in the Collect Earth tools menu to generate a Saiku Stand-alone tool for Windows computers (the option is disabled to Linux/iOS users).

This option will generate a ZIP file that contains all the necessary files (the Saiku tool + the data in the survey currently opened) so that you could send it to anyone (as long as they have a Windows machine) and they will be able to run Saiku Queries in your data without the need to install Collect Earth and import the data.

The steps are quite simple.

  1. Go to the CE menu Tools->Generate Stand-Alone Saiku tool, choose the name of the ZIP file that you want to generate. alt text
  2. Now you should choose if you want to refresh the data for Saiku (in case that you have been doing changes to the data or collecting data since the last time the Saiku DB was generated) or just use the same datavase that was used the last time Saiku was run ( the Saiku DB may take a long time to generate if you have a very large collection of plots >50.000 )
  3. A ZIP file is generated. You can send it to your colleagues.
  4. The recipient must now decompress the ZIP file anywhere she wants in the computer.
  5. To Start Saiku double click on the "START SAIKU.bat" file, wait a bit for the browser window to open and Saiku UI to load (it may take a few seconds). Then choose the CUBE on the left panel to start the analysis.
  6. When the user is done with the data analysis, make sure to double-click on the "TERMINATE SAIKU.bat" file to make sure the Saiku server shuts down and it does not use any resources from the computer!

That is it, with this tool it will be much easier to share your data and even to keep a copy of the data collected that can be easily analyzed (of course you can also export the data as a CSV for analysis with Excel)

alt text

This is how the folder contained on the ZIP file looks when decompressed.

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For a while now we have been distributing Collect Earth data using a stand-alone tool (ATTENTION : This tool works only in Windows )

The advantage of this method is that it does not require the person that receives this tool (it is zipped folder that can be uncompressed in the computer) to install Collect Earth, Import the data and execute the Saiku analysis. This way the user receiving the stand-alone tool requires less steps to start analyzing the collected data.

In order to generate your own stand-alone tool with your own data, first you must download the original tool that we have (where there is test data from EUROSTAT on Land Use in Europe called LUCAS 2018 MORE INFO ) from THIS GOOGLE DRIVE LINK.

Once you have downloaded this file, unzip it in your computer and you will get something like this:

alt text

If you double-click on the file called START SAIKU.bat you will see the black window of the Saiku serve starting and a new browser window popping up to this address where the Saiku server is running.

You can now use Saiku with all of the fields of the LUCAS 2018 survey and the complete database.

In order to have your own data instead, follow this steps :

  1. Open Collect Earth (using the survey for which you want to have data for)
  2. Execute the Saiku analysis tool using the menu item Tools->Start Saiku Analysis tool
  3. Wait until the Saiku setup is finished and the Saiku browser appears (this means that the database is ready)
  4. Now we need to get the data from Collect Earth and put it into the stand alone tool.
  5. Terminate the Saiku standalone tool if it is running ( in the same folder where you have START SAIKU.bat there is another file called TERMINATE SAIKU.bat, double-click it.
  6. In Collect Earth go to Tools->Open Data Folder. This will open a file browser window to the folder where the data for CE is stored.
  7. Copy the file in this folder called collectEarthDatabase.dbSaiku and paste it into the folder called DB inside the stand-alone tool directory.
  8. Now, back on the folder with the Collect Earth data, go to the folder projects and then go into the folder for your project ( the folder names are the names of the projects that have been loaded in Collect Earth ) . Inside the project folder there is a file called collectEarthCubes.xml . Copy the file and paste it to the DB folder on the stand-alone directory.
  9. Now, if you go back to the main directory and start Saiku (START SAIKU.bat) and wait for the browser window to open you will be able to see the data that you have just pasted.

You have now a stand-alone tool. You could just ZIP the whole folder and send it to your colleagues or upload it to a server for sharing!!

Hope this instructions were easy to understand. We will try to have this possibility of generating Stand Alone tools directly from Collect Earth in coming versions.


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